Where to Purchase Hardwood Barn Doors

One of the attractive and cost effective developments in the building and renovation industry these days is the popularity of hardwood barn doors. People have rediscovered the beauty and utility of barn doors. They’re showing up on a regular basis on many of the home shows you can find on TV, or photos on Pinterest or Instagram. At Interbuild we’re proud our reputation for the finely engineered real wood barn doors we manufacture. These doors are readily available at the 182 Home Depot stores right across Canada.

Barn doors have come a long way since they slid along the sides of the old wooden barns with haylofts and horses. Many of these barns are now falling apart and disappearing from our countryside. They were practical doors for those early Canadian farmers. They’re practical and aesthetically pleasing additions in our homes today. So when you’re thinking of renovating, why not consider updating your home with a space saving and attractive hardwood barn door from Interbuild, the trusted name in barn doors. You can check us out online at or wander down to your local Home Depot outlet and see our fine products on display. Or you can order a barn door online to meet your specific requirements. For questions on our products drop us a note at or call us at 647-457-6001. We’ll be pleased to hear from you and to answer your questions.

The Many Advantages of Sliding Barn Doors

Most new homes come with the traditional swinging 2 or 3 hinged door. They’re ideal in many places. But on occasion a sliding barn type door is a better fit in terms of what it can do for you in practical and aesthetic ways. Also, tap on any construction grade hinged door in a new home. By the sound you’ll know they’ve compromised on quality just to get the job done. Why not install a solid wood sliding door that adds beauty and value to your home. Working with your builder you can have some say in the type of doors he puts in your home.

Here are some of the advantages of real wood barn doors:

  • These doors save a lot of space. Standard doors require a wide berth in order to open and close. So a sliding door that moves along a wall affords you more space, especially in a small room.
  • Sliding doors can be an attractive feature in a room. Select a color or stain for your door that complements your room décor and you’ll have your guests making note of the fine decorating you’ve done. Such doors add beauty, ‘curb appeal’ and value to your home. And don’t forget, the barn door hardware kits that come with our doors are attractive easy to install and durable. They’ll add that special feature to your room.
  • Think about convenience. Sliding barn doors tend to offer wider spaces than do traditional doors. To move furniture or large objects you’ll not have to take the door off its hinges. And if you’re in an older house where door frames are not square, a sliding door covers the aperture without having to trim and fiddle with an odd shape doorway.
  • These sliding doors are easy to install. You don’t need a lot of tools or too much woodworking savvy to install our doors. They’re an easy-peasy DIY project for most people. Hang the mounting board. Install barn door hardware kit. Hang the door. Stand back and admire. Check out the many installation videos available online.
  • Sliding barn doors make excellent space saving partitions when you want to separate two spaces. They’re excellent when you want to close off utility rooms, dens or closets. They can be used to hide a TV or other feature in an alcove.
  • You can select barn door styles that say something of who you are or to complement your room décor. A choice in barn door styles is readily available. Whether you’re decorating in modern or contemporary, ranchy western or a more classical style, there is a barn door that will work for you.

It’s obvious there are a number of reasons to decide on installing a sliding door. Do a bit of research and make your selection. We think you’ll be happy you went for this low cost effective, attractive and practical option for a door.

Interbuild Offers You Several Delightful Barn Door Options

You’ll be surprised at the options available when you start to look at sliding doors. At Home Depot we’re featuring two of our attractive doors that you can view online. Both doors are 40” wide x 84” tall and 1 3/8 “thick, with a 6” by 80” header board. They’re made of Acacia wood and come in different finishes to meet your needs. One has the smooth Wenge brown finish, the other a textured distressed grey finish.

Acacia is a naturally durable wood that will give you many years of service, especially if you treat it before installation with a product such as Linseed oil. This will ensure that your beautiful wood finish will endure indefinitely. It stands up to moisture and is similar to teak in that way.

These doors make excellent interior doors and are ideal room dividers for kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and closets up to 36” wide and 80” high. Our doors are finished on both sides and come with the beautiful black bent strap sliding barn door hardware kit. We know that you’ll be excited about their appearance and pleased with the reasonable price. Head for your closest Home Depot outlet and have a look at our fine product.